New Years Around The World 2019

On Tuesday, March 5th DLS staff and students celebrated not one, not two, but four different new year celebrations at our New Years Around the World Event! We wanted our students to have a chance to learn, not only about the culture of the language they are studying but of other cultures as well. And what better way to learn about a culture than through a party with great food?

Diplomatic Language Services celebrates four New Years celebrations at New Years Around The World event

All the instructors dressed in clothing that was traditionally worn during these festivals. The Thai instructors decorated a booth with bright colors and flowers symbolizing the Songkran Festival and provided samples of Thai Tea and sweets.

Diplomatic Language Services celebrates Thai Songkran Festival at New Years Around The World event

The Farsi and Dari instructors also adorned their Nowrooz booths with a variety of cultural items. Everything from traditional foods, rugs, maps, clothing, literature, and colored eggs were displayed. Sesame cake and red envelopes fully stocked The Lunar New Year booth.

Diplomatic Language Services celebrates Farsi and Dari Nowrooz at New Years Around The World event

And lastly, beautiful bright scarves and sweet snacks covered the Hindi New Year booth. Instructors and students performed customary dances and activities allowing the students in the audience to jump in and take part.

Diplomatic Language Services celebrates Hindi New Year at New Years Around The World event

Overall there was a lot of beautiful traditional clothing, dancing, music, and smiling faces. We hope everyone who came to the event enjoyed themselves and learned a lot about New Years Around the World!

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By Hannah Gibian