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DLS’ innovative English language training program combines a proficiency-based approach with highly-qualified instructors and an adaptive curriculum to meet your unique learning needs. We offer part-time, intensive, one-on-one, and small group options. Class size is capped at six students to maximize student speaking time and provide personalized attention from the teacher. Our programs cover all language levels, from beginner to advanced, and offers specialized courses to fit your individual goals.

DLS’ integrated video conferencing platform and online learning portal connect you to highly-qualified English language instructors. Meet your instructor in real-time for class and seamlessly collaborate via an on-screen, interactive whiteboard combined with instant file sharing capabilities. Access your course materials, class session recordings, assignments, and online resources all in one place.

DLS helps achieve your language goals anywhere

Our online learning program provides effective language instruction with the same quality of experience that you receive in a traditional classroom setting. All classes are monitored by our Language Training Supervisors, who work with students and teachers to ensure language goals are met or exceeded. Students have a direct line of communication to their Language Training Supervisor at DLS headquarters.

DLS Online includes:

  • Online learning portal
  • Integrated video conferencing platform
  • Interactive tools – webcams and screen sharing capabilities
  • Repository for class materials and recordings

Our Virtual Learning solution allows students the ability to study with instructors from anywhere in the world. This is an excellent option for those desiring flexibility in their language learning experience. Our courses are for avocational purposes only.

Course Offerings

The general English program is designed to develop your overall ability to communicate and interact in English. The proficiency-based, student-centered methodology is focused on building the skills that you need to use English in everyday life (whether for work, social purposes, or taking your resume to the next level).

Class sizes are small (8 students or fewer), which allows for a high level of student speaking time and personalized attention from the instructor. Classes are interactive and adaptive, tailored to your needs and interests. You will regularly take part in communicative tasks like role plays and will receive individual feedback from your instructor.

Each proficiency level (A1, A2, etc.) takes 120 hours to complete, and you may sign up for 40-hour blocks at a time. This allows you to be placed at exactly the right level, based on the results of your placement test. (Students can join at a mid-point if scheduling/level test allows.)

General English Beginner (A1) – (~ILR 0+)

Designed for students with minimal or no English, this course introduces you to the basics of English and equips you with survival skills in English. By the end of the course, you will be able to…

  • Greet others and introduce yourself
  • Handle a few basic transactions (e.g. ordering a meal)
  • Give simple descriptions about your life and others’ lives

General English Elementary (A2) – (~ILR 1)

Students with a basic level of English will take their skills to the next level in this class. By the end of this class, you will be equipped to…

  • Describe events, places, and people in greater detail
  • Maintain short, simple conversations on a number of different topics
  • Handle basic transactions
  • Make plans with others

General English Intermediate (B1) – (~ILR 1+/2)

For students at the “threshold” or intermediate level. In this class, you will build your skills to an intermediate level of English. You will explore themes like communication in the digital age, building communities, and emotion in technology. By the end of this course, you will have learned to…

  • Discuss cause and effect
  • Make comparisons
  • Discuss change
  • Express preferences
  • Tell simple stories across major time frames (past, present, and future)

General English Upper-intermediate (B2) – (~ILR 2/2+)

By the end of this course, students will be able to…

  • Report factual information
  • Give organized, detailed presentations
  • Narrate across time frames (past, present, and future)
  • Debate a topic of interest
  • Give advice

General English Advanced (C1) – (~ILR 3/3+)

By the end of this course, students will be able to…

  • Support opinions on practical, social, and professional issues.
  • Discuss societal issues and clarify points
  • Hypothesize and speculate (about present, past, and future events)
  • Deal with unfamiliar situations and justify decisions

General English Proficient (C2) – (~ILR 3+/4/5)

For highly advanced speakers of English, this course will refine and polish your English-language skills.

  • Use humor in a speech or presentation
  • Give detailed, organized, and varied presentations
  • Discuss complex topics and discuss issues from different sides
  • Talk about current trends and share their opinion

Must be at an intermediate level or higher to join.

Conversation English

This interactive course focuses on building your speaking proficiency. An initial needs analysis determines your strengths and weaknesses, and a task-based syllabus provides multiple opportunities for you to develop specific speaking skills, such as telling an anecdote or giving opinions. You will receive individualized feedback on your pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary.

Conversation and Pronunciation

This unique course combines speaking fluency with a special emphasis on pronunciation. You will learn the basics of sounds in English as well as advanced elements of pronunciation such as rhythm, stress, and intonation. Then you will apply what you have learned through fluency-focused conversations.

Must be at an intermediate level or higher to join.

Did you know that English is increasingly used as a common language in business and corporations worldwide (Harvard Business Review)? With 1.5 billion learners worldwide (Washington Post), English is increasingly becoming indispensable for conducting business, advancing in the corporate world, and having a robust, varied resume.

These business English courses are designed to develop your overall English proficiency in a business environment. You will read and discuss articles from well-known business publications like Financial Times and Business Week and will develop skills like networking, managing meetings, and developing business relationships.

Each level is divided into three 40-hour blocks. After 3 classes (120 hours), you may move up. (Students can join at a mid-point if scheduling/level test allows.) Textbook used: Market Leader, Pearson

Business English Intermediate (B1)

You will develop your general English proficiency as well as essential business skills in this intermediate course. By the end of the course, you will be able to…

  • Take part in and manage meetings
  • Network and socialize in English
  • Negotiate
  • Discuss the development of international markets

Business English Upper-intermediate (B2)

This upper-intermediate course will enrich and refine your general proficiency as well as develop your business skills. By the end of the course, you will be able to …

  • Identify key communication skills and deal with a breakdown in communication
  • Brainstorm ideas and make suggestions
  • Negotiate and reach agreements
  • Network effectively
  • Give detailed presentations

Business English Advanced (C1)

This course is designed for advanced learners who want to:

  • Teleconference effectively
  • Write effective emails (both formal and informal)
  • Deliver impactful presentations
  • Write reports
  • Summarize meetings
  • Resolve conflict at a high level
  • Problem solve
  • Strategize effectively

Must be at an intermediate level or higher to join.

Are you looking to boost your resume with specialized, sought-after English-language skills? Do you have a good level of English but struggle to take part in meetings or have difficulty writing quick, clear emails? These courses in essential business skills will allow you to fine-tune your communicative ability and focus on your individual needs.

Giving Powerful Presentations

A practical course on organizing and delivering a presentation. This course focuses on common phrases, grammatical points, and effective use of voice during presentations. Students will prepare and deliver multiple presentations, including informal, unplanned presentations as well as formal, client-facing presentations. Students will receive personalized feedback from their instructor on how to take their work to the next level.

Effective Communication Across Cultures

An excellent course for those working across cultures and with U.S. clients. This course will give you the knowledge and skills you need to communicate clearly across cultural lines. You will explore topics like indirect vs direct communication styles and how individual vs collectivist thinking may affect an international work environment. This discussion-based course also offers rich and engaging opportunities to develop your speaking and listening skills in English.

Getting Your Message Across: Writing Effectively in a Business Environment

This practical course is designed to take your business writing skills to the next level. You will learn to be clear, concise, and correct in your writing, and you will have the chance to work on formal writing (in emails, reports, etc.) as well as informal, “fast” writing (for inter-office messaging systems and quick-response, informal emails).

Connecting to Customers: English for Customer Service

Designed for those working in customer service, this course will equip you with the specialized English for your job requirements. You will learn clear communication, how to handle customer complaints, how to handle unexpected complications, and how to resolve conflicts.

Making the Most of Your Meetings

This course is designed for business professionals who regularly participate in meetings. This interactive course will develop meeting-specific skills, like initiating and running a meeting, redirecting the conversation, getting through an agenda, interrupting politely and managing interruptions, winding down, and identifying action points.


Our experienced instructors provide the support you need to prepare for your TOEFL exam. You will become familiar with the format of the test, learn test-taking strategies, work on your specific needs, and take practice tests followed by feedback from your instructor.


This course is designed to prepare you for the IELTS exam. You will learn how the exam works, how to maximize your performance, strategies for managing your time, and will have the chance to take multiple practice tests.


Alma Sadikaj

Registrar and Client Relations Manager

Alma Sadikaj has several years of combined experience in international development, political affairs, program management, training and coaching, human resources and recruitment, logistics and operations, education, administration, marketing, sales, and client relations. Prior to joining us, Alma worked in both the non-profit and private sectors. Her passion is travel. During those journeys, she acquires insights about how cultures and languages are linked.