Take your document or web presence from translated to communicated.

Localization takes your text a step further by adapting the translation to fit the style of the region. It utilizes a familiar look and wording to give your product a local feel. DLS’ network of localization and translation professionals includes over 6,000 linguists worldwide. Our linguists are experts in their language and their culture, so we can guarantee text that is technically accurate and culturally appropriate. We also adapt your document or website’s images, symbols, addresses, phone numbers, currencies, date and time conventions.

Not just Localization, but Transcreation.

Transcreation is the adaptation of the text into a target language to achieve a high priority desired goal while maintaining the original intent of the source words.

In transforming a text, DLS modifies the layout and content to match the needs of the specific region. We provide a finished product that demonstrates an understanding of local sensitivities, customs, and culture. Throughout this process, DLS software and website engineers work closely with DLS language and culture experts in order to ensure that the product is not only culturally appropriate, but also communicates correctly when launched in international markets.

Finally, our localization expertise includes our ability to provide accurate terminology in multiple market segments. We use linguists with professional experience in law, engineering, finance, medicine, you name it… from the target region.

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Alma Sadikaj

Registrar and Client Relations Manager

Alma Sadikaj has several years of combined experience in international development, political affairs, program management, training and coaching, human resources and recruitment, logistics and operations, education, administration, marketing, sales, and client relations. Prior to joining us, Alma worked in both the non-profit and private sectors. Her passion is travel. During those journeys, she acquires insights about how cultures and languages are linked.