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Diplomatic Language Services offers language training

Language & Cultural Training

DLS customizes our language training services to adapt to your unique learning needs with full-time, part-time, private, and small-group options. Our programs cover all language levels, from beginner to advanced, from acquisition to sustainment and enhancement. We use a proficiency-based approach to language training that emphasizes communication. Your progress is assessed based on Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR) proficiency levels.

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Diplomatic Language Services distance learning

Distance Learning

DLS’ interactive video conferencing platform and user-friendly online learning portal connects you to highly-qualified language instructors from anywhere in the world. Meet your instructor in real-time for class and seamlessly collaborate via an on-screen, interactive whiteboard combined with instant file sharing capabilities. Access your course materials, class session recordings, assignments, and online resources all in one place. Through our Distance Learning services, DLS helps achieve your language goals anywhere. 

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Language Testing service at DLS

Language Testing

DLS has been a prominent testing facility for federal agencies, the US military, and private corporations for over 20 years. We administer speaking, listening, reading, and translation tests based on the Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR) guidelines. Tests can be administered in person at our offices, or by phone for candidates in remote locations.

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Curriculum Develop Service at DLS

Curriculum Development

We serve government and business clients with an elite team of curriculum development subject matter experts (SMEs), target language developers, project managers, and production experts. All members of the curriculum development team have experience in instructional design and foreign language education. Our work is tailored specifically to our client’s needs. By working closely together, we ensure that the curriculum is tightly aligned with your objectives.

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Translation and Interpretation service at DLS

Translation & Interpretation

DLS has provided translation and interpretation services to government agencies and private sector clients for over 25 years. Our translators and interpreters are professional, native linguists who have extensive experience in their fields. This has earned us a reputation for providing exceptional translation and interpretation services.

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Linguist Support

DLS provides linguists at all clearance levels for more than 50 languages. We support CONUS and OCONUS requirements, and our linguists’ expertise ranges from language and cultural training to translation and interpretation, from analysis to curriculum development. DLS individually matches high caliber linguists to the exact specifications of your assignment. Our linguists are flexible and adapt quickly to fluid situations allowing optimal support for your mission.

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Localization services DLS


DLS’ Localization takes your text a step further by adapting the translation to fit the style of the region. It utilizes a familiar look and wording to give your product a local feel. DLS’ network of localization and translation professionals includes over 6,000 linguists worldwide. Our linguists are experts in their language and their culture, so we can guarantee text that is technically accurate and culturally appropriate. We also adapt your document or website’s images, symbols, addresses, phone numbers, currencies, date and time conventions.

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diplomatic language services english as a foreign langauge

English Language Training

DLS’ innovative English language training program combines a proficiency-based approach with highly-qualified instructors and an adaptive curriculum to meet your unique learning needs. We offer part-time, intensive, one-on-one, and small group options. Class size is capped at six students to maximize student speaking time and provide personalized attention from the teacher. Our programs cover all language levels, from beginner to advanced, and offers specialized courses to fit your individual goals.

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Diplomatic Language Services In-Country Language Training

In-Country Language Training

There is no place like Shanghai to polish your Chinese pronunciation or a Provencal town to delve into French idioms. Need a refresher course in Brazilian-Portuguese, how about an immersion program in Pernambuco? Want to take your Maghrebi Arabic to the next level, spend time learning the language in Rabat. Whether you are living in a different region of the world and want to take language classes locally or you dream of language immersion abroad, we have an option for you. With DLS’ Partner Schools program, there is no limit to the possibilities.

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