Translation & Interpretation

Highly Qualified, Experienced Language Professionals

DLS has provided translation and interpretation services to government agencies and private sector clients for over 25 years. Our translators and interpreters are professional, native linguists who have extensive experience in their fields. This has earned us a reputation for providing exceptional translation and interpretation services.

DLS accepts translation and interpretation assignments of all shapes and sizes. Each assignment goes through a multi-step quality control process to ensure accuracy and compliance with each client’s requirements. When working with DLS, you can expect a high-quality performance paired with a quick project turnaround time.

Our services include:

Document Translation

DLS delivers accurate, timely, and secure translations. We provide certified translators who specialize in your market terminology. Our 8-step quality control process ensures the highest-level of accuracy.

Machine Translation

DLS offers state-of-the-art machine translation paired with a final review service to ensure overall accuracy.


DLS linguists can produce transcriptions from video and audio files, all with a rapid turnaround time.

Translation Memory (TM) Files

DLS can create TM files along with our translations. This process allows future translations to maintain consistent terminology.

Desktop Publishing

DLS works in all file formats and maintains the source layout in the deliverables to match your original document. 

Glossary Creation

DLS creates glossaries for large scale translation projects to ensure consistent terminology in future assignments.

Consecutive Interpretation

The speaker and the interpreter work together as a tag-team, conveying the message in segments. The speaker makes a statement in their language, pauses, and then the interpreter relays the message in another language. This process repeats itself until the speaker concludes their message.

Simultaneous Interpretation

The speaker and the interpreter work in tandem, so the message is received in real-time. The speaker conveys their message in one language while, at the same time, the interpreter relays that message in another language via earphones.


Our worldwide network of translation experts includes over 6,000 linguists. At DLS we relish new challenges and stand ready to tackle any language, on any text, that you need translated. We are commitment to providing accurate and culturally thoughtful text, our linguists adapt information across regions and cultures to create a product that thoroughly translates and reflects the content in the original text.


DLS provides consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services in a wide range of languages and dialects. Our interpreters are subject matter experts (SMEs) and are hired for their considerable expertise, technical acumen, and professionalism. Our interpreters have multiple years of experience performing in a variety of settings as well as accredited certification (court certification, ATA certification, etc.) in every language it is available. DLS seeks out leading interpreters to provide you with an outstanding interpretation experience. Alongside our interpretation services, we conveniently offer rental packages that include interpretation equipment.

Translation & Interpretation Quick Facts

Languages Translated

IN 2019

Department of Justice Translation


DLS provides translation services for legal documents, which requires legal knowledge and insight into the nuances of the language. Errors could result in lawsuits for malpractice.


The Department of Justice awarded a contract to DLS for a Spanish-to-English translation project in Puerto Rico. The project involved translating handwritten and typed legal documents related to an illegal termination lawsuit. Among those documents were testimonies from multiple parties.
Description of Challenges
Challenges: The turnaround time was short, caution had to be used in translating the nuances in the testimonies due to the legal implications, and accuracy had to 100 percent.

Description of the Solution

DLS vetted and hired linguists with ample experience in court document translation for this 15,000 word project. In order to accommodate the specific requirements of the legal documents, the translators had to match the formatting of the original documents. They were required to provide extensive quality control checks to ensure the translations matched the original documents. The editor hired by DLS worked with the translators on the right choice of legal terminology.


Though it was a tight timeline, DLS completed the task by the deadline. The client notified us that we had exceeded expectations.


Alma Sadikaj

Registrar and Client Relations Manager

Alma Sadikaj has several years of combined experience in international development, political affairs, program management, training and coaching, human resources and recruitment, logistics and operations, education, administration, marketing, sales, and client relations. Prior to joining us, Alma worked in both the non-profit and private sectors. Her passion is travel. During those journeys, she acquires insights about how cultures and languages are linked.