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Language and Cultural Training courses at Diplomatic Language Services are customized for every student. Full time and part time courses are offered in over 85 languages with the flexibility to create a schedule that meets your needs. Progress is assessed based on the Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR) proficiency levels. Courses are offered at all levels from beginners to advanced linguists, from initial acquisition to maintenance/sustainment and enhancement.

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DLS’ interactive video conferencing platform and user-friendly online learning portal connects you to highly-qualified language instructors from anywhere in the world. Meet your instructor in real-time for class and seamlessly collaborate via an on-screen, interactive whiteboard combined with instant file sharing capabilities. Access your course materials, class session recordings, assignments, and online resources all in one place. Through our Distance Learning services, DLS helps achieve your language goals anywhere. 

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Virtual Reality

DLS customizes our virtual reality language training to adapt to your unique learning needs. Our programs cover all language levels, from beginner to advanced, from acquisition to sustainment and enhancement. We use a proficiency-based approach to language training that emphasizes communication.

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For more than 20 years Diplomatic Language Services has been a prominent language testing facility for federal agencies, the US military, and private corporations. Tests for speaking, listening, reading, and translation skills are evaluated using the Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR) guidelines. In addition to general proficiency tests, which follow a standard format, DLS offers customized, performance-based language tests tailored to our client’s needs. DLS adheres to all security measures requested by the client.

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For both Language and Cultural Programs, Diplomatic Language Services serves government and business clients with an elite team of curriculum development subject matter experts (SMEs), target language developers, project managers, and production experts. Our curriculum development team has experience in instructional design and foreign language education. DLS works closely with the client to ensure the curriculum is tightly aligned with all course objectives. DLS’ curriculum development services include proficiency-based curriculum, performance-based curriculum, blended learning, proprietary materials, and self-contained self-study programs.

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Translation &

Diplomatic Language Services has provided Translation and Interpretation services to a variety of federal government agencies as well as clients in the private sector for more than 25 years. Translation and interpretation services are offered in over 85 languages. All of DLS’ pre-screened translators and interpreters are professional, native-speaking linguists who have extensive experience. DLS accepts assignments of all sizes and puts each one through our multi-step quality control and review process to ensure accuracy and compliance with each client’s requirements. Specialized services include document translation, machine translation, transcription, TM alignment, desktop publishing, and glossary creation.

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Diplomatic Language Services provides linguists at all clearance levels in over 85 languages and dialects. DLS supports both CONUS and OCONUS requirements and only recruits the most qualified linguists specifically for each assignment based on the client’s specifications. DLS linguists provide expert support in interpretation, translation, document exploitation, gisting, analysis, subject matter experts, language instruction, and role players.

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Diplomatic Language Services’ network of localization professionals includes over 6,000 linguists worldwide. DLS provides localization services that will transform your text to the target language and adapt the text for a specific country or region. DLS’ linguists are experts in their language and culture so we can guarantee text that is technically accurate and culturally significant. DLS linguists also have expertise in multiple market segments including law, engineering, finance, and medicine.

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In-Country Training

DLS has provided top-rate language and cultural training to government employees, business clients, and private students for over 30 years. We work hand-in-hand with our Partner Schools to ensure that your needs are met through high-quality classes and effective course material. We train our Partners on the ILR scale as well as the FSI and DLPT exams. Through our Partner Schools program, you receive a DLS-quality language class anywhere in the world.

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English Language Training

DLS’ English language training program combines a proficiency-based approach with highly-qualified instructors and an adaptive curriculum to meet your unique learning needs. We offer part-time, intensive, one-on-one, and small group options. Class size is capped at six students to maximize student speaking time and provide personalized attention from the teacher. Our programs cover all language levels, from beginner to advanced, and offers specialized courses to fit your individual goals.

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Asynchronous Language Learning

Our Asynchronous Language Learning program is tailored for students who need flexibility and accountability in their language goals. It includes personalized instruction, feedback, and topic-related modules with content curated from authentic media.

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A World of Difference

Our experience combined with our talented and passionate employees make us the language service provider of choice. DLS has been providing language and cultural training services for over thirty years. We have spent years building a deep pool of qualified linguists and subject matter experts, and creating a work environment that retains them.

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DLS employees receive the benefits of both an established and an emerging company: the resources of a large organization with name brand recognition and the fast-paced, out-of-the-box environment of a startup.

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