DLS Donates Space to Host GLN Language Classes

DLS is entering its 5th semester hosting the Global Language Network (GLN), which provides inexpensive language classes for residents of the Washington Metro Area. GLN is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing language learning opportunities at minimum cost.

Founded in 2005, our GLN colleagues have been offering instruction in over 60 languages. DLS is proud of our continued partnership with the volunteers at GLN, who have served over 7000 students in the Washington DC area to expand horizons, increase cultural curiosity, and develop language skills. DLS has donated office space and hosted Arabic, Spanish, and Chinese classes and just wrapped up hosting a class of 20 beginning Portuguese students. DLS staff who serve as class hosts have enjoyed their experience in GLN classes. DLS host, Hilary Smith, commented, “It’s a lot at the end of a work day, but once I’m [in class] I remember all the things I love about learning a language. Taking a GLN class at DLS was a great way to brush up on my Arabic.” This fall, we look forward to continued partnership with our GLN associates in helping provide access to language learning, showing that truly “Language Matters.”