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Online Language Learning with DLS

DLS’ interactive video conferencing platform and user-friendly online learning portal connect you to highly qualified language instructors from anywhere in the world. Meet your instructor in real-time for class and seamlessly collaborate via an on-screen, interactive whiteboard combined with instant file-sharing capabilities. Access your course materials, class session recordings, assignments, and online resources all in one place. Through our Virtual Learning services, DLS helps you achieve your language goals anywhere. 

DLS helps achieve your language goals anywhere

Our online learning program provides effective language instruction with the same quality of experience that you receive in a traditional classroom setting. All classes are monitored by our Language Training Supervisors, who work with students and teachers to ensure that your language goals are met, or exceeded. Students have a direct line of communication to their Language Training Supervisor. 

Virtual Learning happens online with an instructor. Virtual Learning can happen in Synchronous or Asynchronous formats. Online DLS staff are available for support.

  • Synchronous learning involves regularly scheduled classes with an instructor that happen via video call. Conveniently learn a language from your preferred location.
  • Asynchronous learning involves regular online tasks to complete independently or in groups at one’s convenience, with deadlines, instructor feedback, and a regularly scheduled video call for accountability. Learn more.

Our Virtual Learning offerings include:

  • Qualified instructors with extensive training in online teaching 
  • Ongoing support from assigned Language Training Supervisor 
  • Online learning portal and repository of class materials 
  • Interactive video conferencing platform with screen sharing capabilities

Virtual Learning Quick Facts

Qualified Instructors
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Blended Learning Solution


In collaboration with a government client, DLS hosts a language training program for their employees focusing on language acquisition in a small group setting; these employees are distributed across the United States and throughout the world, making each small group class a unique dynamic.


Our client preferred face-to-face language training, which was ideal for the employees in the DC Metro Area, but they wanted remote employees to enjoy the same access to and benefits from these language classes. Employees were at different levels of language proficiency, and students of similar proficiency levels would be organized together to optimize their language study. Though location had to be accounted for, it was a secondary factor. The client came to DLS seeking a solution that would be advantageous for all their employees.

Description of Challenges

In grouping by proficiency levels, DLS had to account for significant time differences and varying locations. How could we create a mixed classroom of students inside and outside the DC Metro Area? If using a virtual space, it had to allow for full-classroom participation from all students, teaching activities that worked in multiple spaces, clear views of the instructor and classmates, and access to the same student materials, at a minimum. For effective learning, DLS needed to create an environment where students and instructors could fully interact.

Description of the Solution

After a thorough review of each student’s situation, a blended learning approach was chosen. Our blended learning solution included an on-site instructor with at least one student in the on-site classroom, and at least one student in the virtual classroom. DLS selected teachers who could simultaneously teach in a virtual and a physical space. This meant that our teachers had received training, understood the different challenges of online and face-to-face interactions, and could manage new challenges presented by the blending of two spaces.

To craft a virtual classroom where everybody, in either space, could see and hear each other naturally we used a special wide-angle camera lens, which was angled a certain way in combination with a specific classroom setup to give an accurate and complete perspective. Our classrooms are equipped with TV screens that depict life-sized images of our remote students and our virtual space has a whiteboard that both sets of students utilize. We have electronic versions of our classroom materials so that students can use the same resources at the same time. With these tools and a good bit of ingenuity, DLS created a single virtual and physical space where students seamlessly interact. With this solution, DLS overcame the obstacles presented by varying time zones and differing locations while producing a rich language learning environment suitable for all students.


DLS has successfully conducted 15 blended learning classes for the client in the past 2 years.

Our Virtual Learning solution allows students to study with instructors from anywhere in the world. This is an excellent option for those desiring flexibility in their language learning experience. Our courses are for avocational purposes only.


Alma Sadikaj

Registrar and Client Relations Manager

Alma Sadikaj has several years of combined experience in international development, political affairs, program management, training and coaching, human resources and recruitment, logistics and operations, education, administration, marketing, sales, and client relations. Prior to joining us, Alma worked in both the non-profit and private sectors. Her passion is travel. During those journeys, she acquires insights about how cultures and languages are linked.