DLS is going green

DLS Is Going Green

DLS has several goals for 2019, but one that we have been working toward every day is going green.

Currently, we are taking steps to create green facilities to provide a healthy and environmentally-friendly atmosphere for our students. At the start of 2019, DLS said goodbye to Styrofoam cups at the Rosslyn location. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Styrofoam causes hazardous outcomes for those who come into regular contact with it. In the U.S., the amount of Styrofoam cups used each year could circle the earth 426 times. Not to mention, the amount of Styrofoam we use is polluting our oceans. Additionally, Styrofoam litters city streets and makes its way to beaches and forests, harming animals who live there.

At DLS, we provide every student with a stainless DLS water bottle in an effort to use less disposable water bottles. DLS’s goal is to have the smallest footprint possible. Our next step, which you will see when studying at our facilities, includes using plant-based dining wear and partnering with the plant-derived JUST water.

Let us know what other suggestions you have on creating a more environmentally friendly facility by messaging us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter!

By Hannah Gibian

Diplomatic Language Services is a language company committed to protecting the environment and going green