Love For Syria

Love For Syria group visits Diplomatic Language Services

Love for Syria currently works to support a knitting group comprised of 60 women- all Syrian refugees, living in Jordan.  These women all fled violence and the horrors of the Syrian war to escape to safety.  All have lost their homes and every material possession; many have lost loved ones including sons and husbands.  Though safe in Jordan, their struggle continues as it’s next to impossible for Syrians to find work in Jordan.  Through knitwear sales, the women receive a salary of approximately $150 monthly which has become their lifeline, particularly as foreign aid becomes more and more sparse.

Nonprofit Love For Syria group handcrafts custom knitwear Syrian women in Love For Syria nonprofit find livelihood in handcrafted knitwear

Love For Syria + DLS

I’m pleased to report that during DLS’ knitwear sale in July, sales were significant!  Love for Syria sold approximately $2,000, which all goes directly back to the women.  I cannot thank you enough for your open hearts and open wallets as we work together to restore hope and dignity to those living in unimaginable circumstances. It gives me great pride to work under the leadership of Jim, Chris, and Molly, whom I’m in most frequent contact with, and I have the utmost respect for the workplace culture they’ve cultivated where initiatives focused on social good are encouraged.  Our DLS July event would not have happened without them, and I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity!

Diplomatic Language Services staff member sells handcrafted knitwear by Love For Syria nonprofit Knitwear made by Love For Syria nonprofit group displayed at Diplomatic Language Services

Molly has graciously agreed to bring back knitwear orders that weren’t fulfilled in July.  While much of our stock now is in transit, I would certainly do my best to get any specific knitwear to DC via Molly in late August.  Love for Syria is planning a website launch in October, with an option to donate and purchase online. So, stay tuned for ways to remain engaged!

Diplomatic Language Services staff member talks with female Syrian refugee Diplomatic Language Services staff member talks with female Syrian refugee and member of Love For Syria

Having visited these ladies 11 times in the past 5 years, I can attest to their strength, resiliency, and perseverance. What might seem like a small knitwear purchase directly impacts the ability of these 60 women to put food on the table while renewing their sense of purpose each day.  Knitwear sales are transforming lives. Myself and Love for Syria want to thank DLS again for your show of solidarity.

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