DLS Supporting Afghan Refugees

DLS Supporting Afghan Refugees Safety

The distressing events happening in Afghanistan impact Diplomatic Language Services on many levels, not the least of which is ethical responsibility.

DLS has a deep affinity for Afghanistan that began in 2009 with the first DLS AFPAK Hands Program, employing Afghan immigrants who taught Dari, Pashto, Urdu, Hazagari, etc., and Afghan culture to US Government personnel. I’m deeply sad to hear so many stories just like one from our DLS Staff member and former key player in the AFPAK Hands Program.

“In addition to waiving the immigration processes, planning to evacuate is the key. I know many people who the US embassy in Kabul informed to go to Kabul airport to be evacuated, but they cannot make their way into the airport because there are thousands of people at each entrance to the airport.

My mother-in-law (US permanent resident), her daughter, and daughter-in-law with approved USCIS immigration cases tried twice in the last two days to get to the airport, but they couldn’t make it in because there is a chaos. People are beat up by airport security and a few died trying to get into the airport. My mother-in-law just gave up for now until there is some order and a humanly way to go to the airport.

Again, I know there may not be much the US can do, but they may consider this chaotic situation and plan a better way to help the Afghan Allies evacuate.”

The question I ask myself is, what can I do, right now, to assist the compatriots and families of the people who served the US so well? DLS is eager to provide support and assistance for this critical effort. We are reaching out to our legislative representatives to urge them to act to protect these Afghans that are at risk because they assisted the US’s efforts in Afghanistan. We strongly encourage that you do the same.

Below, find resources and email addresses for key legislative representatives.​​​​​
  • Waiting For U.S. Visas, Afghan Interpreters Fear The Taliban: NPR
  • As US Withdraws from Afghanistan, Refugees Must Be Evacuated Immediately: A Closer Look”:  YouTube
  • The Red-T, Maya Hess, Exec. Dir., would have a sense of which groups are providing aid.

Please share this with your network, representative, and others that care.

Jim Bellas