DLS Virtual Reality Launch

We are excited to announce the launch of the DLS Virtual Reality product! On Tuesday, November 2nd, we began offering language immersions in virtual reality (VR) to current and prospective learners.

VR, along with augmented reality (AR), is rapidly entering into language classrooms through apps, websites, and VR equipment. At DLS, we believe that VR is an engaging new tool for language learning. Our hope is that by integrating VR into our proficiency-oriented training, students will gain opportunities for richer, more authentic immersions in language and culture, thus enhancing knowledge and retention.

On the day of the launch, the VR team led virtual demonstrations for DLS community members. During these demos, students and instructors learned about the product and experienced immersions first-hand. They were walked through the desktop version and watched how students enter real-life environments with their instructor and complete tasks.

We’re currently offering Chinese, Russian, and Arabic and are looking forward to developing more language modules, welcoming more students to these environments, and sharing more VR-related language content.

To learn more about DLS Virtual Reality or request a quote, click here. Also, check out our podcast extension about language learning in virtual reality. Finally, learn more about our product in the video below!