DLS Crash Course


DLS had our next session of our Crash Course series, each of which feature DLS instructors of varying linguistic and cultural backgrounds. The purpose of these sessions is to highlight a new language and culture for edification, as well as allow for a look at our extraordinary team.

Elena Abolnik, one of DLS’ esteemed Spanish instructors, has been teaching Spanish language, dialectal nuances of her native Bolivia, and Bolivian culture for over 30 years. Well known for her professionalism and ability to help her students achieve maximum results in minimal time, Elena is an experienced tester, curriculum developer, and translator. DLS has been fortunate to call Elena a member of our team, and we had the pleasure of listening to her expertise!

Elena covered:

 – Basic phrases of the Spanish language
 – The history of the language
 – Cultural do’s and don’ts
 – Unique customs and practices