DLS Harvest Festival 2019

All over the world, countries are celebrating the time of bountiful fall harvests – from grapes to grains. Naturally, DLS had to celebrate. So, yesterday, September 18th, we held our 2019 Harvest Festival. Europe, Asia, and Russia were all highlighted by the distinct cultural traditions of each fall harvest.

Diplomatic Language Services staff member Anastasia Tsyganok sings traditional Russian songs at the DLS 2019 Harvest Festival   Diplomatic Language Services staff members serve traditional Russian food at the DLS 2019 Harvest Festival

The first stop was the food, which you couldn’t miss. We ate like proper Russians with a delicious selection of traditional Russian cuisine. Our menu included Golubtsy (meat-stuffed cabbage leaves), Pirozhki (palm-sized red meat pies), Khachapuri (baked cheese bread), Vinegret (beet salad), and Baklajani (baked eggplant, red peppers, tomatoes, and onions). Across the room, snacks like Sushki and Russian candies adorned the Russian table while our staff member, Anastasia sang traditional Russian songs beautifully as everyone enjoyed their meals.

Diplomatic Language Services serves traditional Russian food at the DLS 2019 Harvest Festival   Diplomatic Language Services serves traditional Russian Vinegret

Asia’s Mid-Autumn Festival is largely tied to the full moon, so Mooncakes, dough filled with dense sweet or savory fillings, are the signature dessert of the festival. DLS had plenty of these little delicacies – pineapple and red bean Mooncakes, both filled with egg yolk.

Europe represented the fall grape harvest by selecting three kinds of cheese from around the continent to pair with grapes. French Brie, Italian Parmigiano, and Spanish Manchego cheese strategically paired with different grapes harvested in each corresponding country.

Diplomatic Language Services serves traditional Chinese moon cakes for Mid-Autumn Festival    Diplomatic Language Services serves a variety of Spanish, Italian, and French grapes and cheeses for the European grape harvest

Above all, if you couldn’t make it to our Harvest Festival, we hope to see you at our next event! Thank you to everyone who came to spend time learning about the fall harvest around the world! This event did not disappoint. Happy harvesting!

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