Cleared Linguist Referral Program

In preparation for a potential increase in the need for linguists possessing a high-level security clearance, DLS is launching the Cleared Linguist Referral Program!

Monetary incentive for referring someone is detailed below.

We are looking for linguists who possess, at minimum, a TS/SCI (Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information) clearance. Clearances higher than TS/SCI include TS/SCI with CI Polygraph and TS/SCI with Full Scope Polygraph.

Please keep in mind the following:

  • You will not receive a monetary bonus for a TS candidate referral.
  • You will not receive a monetary bonus if you refer a TS/SCI candidate who is already included in our database.
  • We will not pay a monetary bonus for candidates with whom we already have a relationship; we will ensure at the beginning of the process that you do not spend time referring someone we already work with at DLS.
  • TS/SCI referred candidates may be either native target language speakers or native English speakers.
  • Referred candidates must have an active clearance. We cannot sponsor reinvestigations for linguists.
  • Referral bonuses only apply to linguist candidates (instructors, translators, and interpreters).

Follow these steps to Refer a Cleared Linguist (minimum TS/SCI):

  1. Send the following information to assistant recruiter, Bethany Zimmerman, at bzimmerman@dlsdc.com: (if we already have the candidate, the process stops after the submission of this information
    • Candidate’s name
    • Language (s) candidate speak
    • Candidate’s mailing city location
    • Candidate’s Level of Clearance (TS/SCI or higher)
  2. If we do not already have the candidate in the DLS database, we will notify you to send us the candidate’s resume along with a completed Cleared Linguist Referral Form (we will provide you with this in an email).
  3. We may need your assistance in connecting with the candidate to authenticate their credentials and clearance; otherwise, once we obtain verification you will receive the monetary bonus detailed in Tier 1.
  4. Then, if the candidate is placed on an assignment with DLS and successfully completes 60 days in that assignment, you will receive the monetary bonus detailed in Tier 2.
  5. You may refer more than one candidate and, thus, be the recipient of more than one bonus if all of these steps are completed successfully.
Step in Process TS/SCI Candidate TS/SCI w/Full Polygraph Candidate
Tier 1 $25 $50
Tier 2 $300 $500