DLS Book Drive

We are excited to share great news – our DLS Book Drive was a huge success! We collected 325 books for the Maryland Book Bank. This effort supports children’s literacy and love for reading.

The Maryland Book Bank is a champion of literacy. We at DLS are proud to support them. We share the goal of helping kids learn and grow through reading.

Our community came together to donate books. DLS set up donation boxes at all our locations. We also had an Amazon wishlist for those who couldn’t donate in person. The response from everyone was amazing!

Each book donated is a treasure. It opens new worlds for young readers. These books will help them learn, dream, and grow. We thank everyone who donated. Your generosity makes a big difference.

This drive shows what we can do together. It’s about giving back and supporting education. Thanks to everyone who joined in. Your help made this drive a big success.

We are happy to see the impact of this drive. These books will bring joy and knowledge to many kids. Thanks again for your support. Let’s keep making a difference in our community!

Stay tuned for more news on how you can join our future community projects. To learn more about DLS’s CSR Plan, please click here.