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DLS Online Launch

The DLS Online launch is here! We are excited to provide our community with this personalized online platform, designed to make work more convenientWith DLS Online, our instructors can record and track all class hours completely online from anywhere, at any time.  

In addition to online timekeeping, users will benefit from many other useful features. Other DLS Online features include viewing class detailsviewing and managing schedules, searching, favoriting, and reviewing materials in the libraryupdating professional profiles including experience, education, and skills (as an instructor), and more! 

As of October 28, 2019, DLS instructors will start recording their time online, using the DLS Online platform. Whether you are a student or an instructor, if you have any questions regarding DLS Online, please email support@dlsdc.com. We hope you are excited as we are!

For Instructors: The Platform

Watch this training video to help you navigate your way through our new online platform, DLS Online. This platform walkthrough video will help you understand every feature of DLS Online and what it can do for you.


For Instructors: Timekeeping

Watch this DLS Online timekeeping training video to learn exactly how to document, track, and submit all of your class hours.


For Students: The Platform

As a student at DLS, this training video is designed to help you navigate your way through our new online platform, DLS Online. Please view the DLS Online platform walkthrough video to understand every feature of DLS Online and it can do for you.


For Students: Timekeeping

As instructors record time using DLS Online, all student approval will now be performed in DLS Online as well. Watch this timekeeping training video to learn exactly how to easily track and approve all of your class hours.


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