DLS Provides Interpretation Services for CAP during President of Uruguay Visit

Diplomatic Language Services joined the Center for American Progress (CAP) on May 13th 2014 for an exciting opportunity to provide interpretation services for the President of Uruguay’s visit.  He brought a small delegation with him including the Ministers of Energy, Commerce and Interior to have a frank discussion with the President of CAP regarding redistribution of wealth in Uruguay.  Our interpreter, Susana Fredin, helped to communicate the complex questions CAP posed regarding Uruguay’s current administration and successes.  They focused on the importance of the creation of labor unions, of increasing minimum wage to a truly livable wage, on their One Laptop Per Child program, and on the shift in concentration of wealth.

President Jose Mujica is known in the media as the poorest President in the world as he chooses to live simply and donates 90% of his monthly salary to charities benefiting the poor and small entrepreneurs.  His eccentricity and humbleness made for an incredibly interesting experience that DLS was very excited to be a part of.