DLS Coordinates with Charities for Badakhshan Relief

On 2 May 2014, two mudslides demolished 300 homes and affected 14,000 people in Badakhshan, one of the most rural and remote provinces in Afghanista. DLS manager Nas Sepahizada teamed up with two charitable organizations, Afghan Education for a Better Tomorrow and The Children of War, to reach out to our DLS network to raise support for these victims. By 11 May, DLS employees and instructors raised over $2500.

These funds went to buying and delivering food and other supplies for the families of Badakhshan. Supplies came during Ramadan and greatly helped out in lifting the spirits and burdens of the people in the affected communities. DLS and its employees continue to keep their eyes out for worthy causes to organize for and contribute to. If you would like to learn other initiatives of these charities, please follow the above links and explore their websites.

Badakhshan Relief