Technology Teacher Training Workshop: MARSOC, December 2015

As the Learning Technology Coordinator for the MARSOC Project here at DLS, my role is to monitor and develop the online learning platform through a learning management system (LMS). An LMS is a software application used for the administration, documentation, tracking, and reporting of electronic educational materials. Online courses are created within the LMS and the federal government is using this new online tool for language development within multiple agencies. 

Last month Julie Millet, Holly Mueller, and I lead a technology teacher training workshop on how to utilize MARSOC’s chosen LMS, Brightspace by D2L. This was my first training, but I knew that my knowledge of the online learning platform and my previous teaching experience would allow me to lead a training that was engaging and informative. 

I was excited when I arrived to Camp Pendleton as it was my first time on a military base. I met with the Site Director for Language Training and the three instructors who will be using our developed online curriculum. They were eager to learn about the LMS and its internal technology tools. I was given a quick tour of the language training facility and then we sat down to discuss how the LMS could best suit the bases’ needs. We were able to tackle many issues and find multiple solutions related to using the site, including but not limited to accessing course content, quizzing, grading, and culture exercises. Julie and Holly did a great job with their presentation on explaining the ins-and-outs of the curriculum. 

On my second day on base, I led the instructors through the training on utilizing and accessing the Brightspace LMS tools. We looked at how to access the course content, submitting homework through the Dropbox tool, accessing the assessment, and using the gradebook. Two of the instructors were able to grasp the functionality with relative ease and comprehension. The other instructor was also able to follow along while asking good inquisitive questions. The mixture of experience varied within the group. One of the instructors had used multiple LMS platforms in the past and was the most experienced of the group. The others had little experience using any online learning platform. Within the span of three hours, all the instructors were able to overcome the challenges of the LMS and felt comfortable utilizing the site with the training provided. Here at DLS, we strive to work with our clients to give them everything they need to produce efficient results. The overall result was a solid positive impression for our clients at Camp Pendleton.