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App of the Month: Lectia

Lectia is a language-learning app, released in early 2022. The National Foreign Language Center at the University of Maryland is developing Lectia, and 19 languages are currently available. As of January 2023, available languages include Arabic, Bosnian, Burmese, Chinese, Croatian, Dari, French, German, Greek, Indonesian, Korean, Pashto, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Thai, and Vietnamese. Users can choose from beginner, intermediate, or advanced levels and there are 20 lessons at each level. Lectia can be a great resource for out-of-class practice, and a valuable way to learn more about one’s target culture.

Watch this 3 min 41-sec video overview of the Lectia app, brought to you by DLS Language Project Specialist, Lia Sauder.

This app is for mobile only and is not available on desktop. Visit https://lectia.app/ to download this resource on the App Store or Google Play.



  1.  Completely free to use, and ad-free, too.
  2. Lessons include interesting details about culture.
  3. Great for reading and listening practice in target language.
  4. Lessons can be downloaded for offline study.
  5. Comprehension questions offer detailed feedback.
  6. Options to customize content and refer to previous content.
  7. Content is developed by native speakers and scaffolded for the language learner.
  8. A good selection of languages, with more being developed.
  1. Only 20 lessons per level.
  2. Beginner lesson content may be difficult for learners below ILR level 1.
  3. Not available on desktop.



For internal instructors’ use, click here to access the Education Technologies and Beyond course in LMS.