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How to Say ‘Autumn’ in Different Languages

Happy October! Finally, the fall season is upon us. Autumn is certainly always one of the most fun seasons at DLS. Over the years, we have loved to host fall-themed celebrations and excitedly watch the leaves change color in downtown Rosslyn.

Whether you are welcoming in the harvest season with a Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival (we celebrated last year by eating a variety of traditional Moon Cakes), or with a European grape harvest (last year, we paired cheeses with grapes from different countries), autumnal traditions are abundant.

This year, unfortunately, we can’t celebrate by getting together for our annual Harvest Festival. So, we decided to get into the spirit in a different way. We’re sharing how to say autumn in different languages! Below, find over 85 translations of the word autumn.

How to say autumn in…

Afrikaans: herfs

Albanian: vjeshtë

Arabic: الخريف [alkharif]

Armenian: աշուն

Azerbaijani: payız

Basque: udazkena

Belarusian: восень

Bengali : শরৎ

Bosnian: jesen

Bulgarian: есен

Catalan: tardor

Cebuano: tingdagdag

Chichewa: m’dzinja

Chinese Simplified: 秋季 [qiūjì]

Chinese Traditional: 秋季 [qiūjì]

Croatian: jesen

Czech: podzim

Danish: efterår

Dutch: herfst

Esperanto: aŭtuno

Estonian: sügis

Filipino: taglagas

Finnish: syksy

French: l’automne

Galician: outono

Georgian: შემოდგომაზე

German: Herbst

Greek: φθινόπωρο [fthinóporo]

Gujarati: પાનખર

Haitian Creole: otòn

Hausa: kaka

Hebrew: סתָיו

Hindi: पतझड़

Hmong: lub caij nplooj zeeg

Hungarian: őszi

Icelandic: Haust

Igbo: n’oge mgbụsị akwụkwọ

Indonesian: musim gugur

Irish: fhómhair

Italian: autunno

Japanese: 秋

Javanese: Autumn

Kannada: ಶರತ್ಕಾಲದಲ್ಲಿ

Kazakh: күз

Khmer: រដូវស្លឹកឈើជ្រុះ

Korean: 가을 [ga-eul]

Lao: ດູໃບໄມ້ລົ່ນ

Latin: arbores autumnales

Latvian: rudens

Lithuanian: ruduo

Macedonian: есен

Malagasy: fararano

Malay: musim luruh

Malayalam: ശരത്കാലം

Maltese: ħarifa


Marathi: शरद ऋतूतील

Mongolian: намар

Myanmar (Burmese): ဆောင်းဉီးရာသီ

Nepali: शरद ऋतु

Norwegian: høst

Persian: فصل پاييز

Polish: jesień

Portuguese: outono

Romanian: toamnă

Russian: осень [osen’]

Serbian: јесен [jesen]

Sesotho: hoetla

Sinhala: සරත් සෘතුවේ

Slovak: jeseň

Slovenian: jesen

Somali: dayrta

Spanish: otoño

Swahili: vuli

Swedish: höst

Tajik: тирамоҳ

Tamil: இலையுதிர்

Telugu: శరదృతువు

Thai: ฤดูใบไม้ร่วง

Turkish: sonbahar

Ukrainian: осінь [osin’]

Urdu: خزاں

Uzbek: kuz

Vietnamese: Mùa thu

Welsh: hydref

Yiddish: האַרבסט

Yoruba: Irẹdanu

Zulu: ekwindla

Did we miss any? Let us know by leaving a comment or sending us an email! We miss being able to get together for in-person events. However, we are lucky we have the memories to look back on and the future to look forward to.

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