Staff Appreciation Event

DLS hosted its annual Staff Appreciation Event Thursday, January 31st at the local café and wine bar; Northside Social. It was a time for the staff to come together and not only reminisce about the triumphs of 2018 but to look ahead and discuss all the possibilities of 2019. As the team snacked on Northside’s delicious and healthy menu, CEO Jim Bellas reminded us to appreciate everyone on our team, because without each other our jobs would be impossible. It is each piece that makes up the complete puzzle of DLS.

For the rest of the night, the staff walked around going up to people they may not interact with daily and thanked them for what they do and also how they have a positive impact on DLS. The DLS team looks forward to all the exciting plans they have for 2019… follow us here and on social media to stay updated. Thank you to our wonderful staff for making our Staff Appreciation Event a success!

Diplomatic Language Services hosts 2019 Staff Appreciation Event at Northside Social

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By Hannah Gibian