Why Project Managers are Vital for Professional Translations

When translating or localizing content for your business, it is absolutely vital that your team has a Project Manager that is very familiar with the craft. While there are linguists who are more than capable of providing a “turn-key” solution for translation, it is far more likely that your project will require a PM to organize, execute, and deliver a high-quality translation. Projects Managers are vital in these key project steps:


A capable Project Manager will be able to ask the correct questions to ensure that the final product aligns with your needs. These Project Managers have critical knowledge in regards to translation assignments and can address potential pitfalls before the translation begins. Additionally, a Translation Project Manager will be able to specify the proper balance between quality and time. Quality PM’s will be able to identify the smallest window in which a quality product can still be created. This is a key aspect of Translation Project Management.


When a company launches a translation without a Project Manager, the execution phase becomes an excruciating waiting game. There are very few methods where one can be proactive in helping the translation reach its endpoint. Rather, there is simply a litany of requests to the linguists for updates on status. This is minimally helpful. A linguist can direct you as to how far along in the process he or she is, but will usually be working under the assumption that there are little or no errors in the translation. This is usually a poor assumption. A Project Manager can perform quality checks on the document and determine if all requirements are being followed properly. A PM can answer questions about word choice and specific subject matter. The PM can therefore also provide accurate updates to all stakeholders in the project.


Each translation assignment your company performs will yield a bit of insight into best practices that can be used for future assignments of a similar language or type. Quality Translation Project Managers are able to compile this information into a useable format so that the same lessons do not have to be learned repeatedly. A sense of continuity is especially helpful in retaining long-term clients, and Translation Project Managers are adept at providing this sense.

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