How to Save Money on Translation Projects

Should you or your company require language translation for any of your projects, there are a few key steps you can take to bring your costs down before the project is even launched. Keep these items in mind when you need translation:

Keep Translation Memories

Translation Memories are databases used by linguists to both speed up the process of translation, and to keep the translation consistent and accurate. Translation memories automatically implement text into a document that has been previously translated on another document. Most translators and translation agencies will charge less or even not at all for repetitions imported from a translation memory. Even if your company does not have translation memory software, you can still request the translation memory file. This can be delivered to translators along with the source document to be utilized in the translation process. It is a good idea to request these files for any and all translations you may have, and to keep them updated.

Content Review

Translation is usually charged by the word, so the more text you have, the more it will cost. It might save on cost to review documents and verify that all text within the document is relevant and necessary for your final output.

Volume Discount

If you have a large set of documents or a very large file, it is always worth it to seek a volume discount from your language service provider. Translators are often willing to do large volumes of work with a small discount, so this can often be passed along to you, the customer, especially if requested. There is no harm in requesting this discount, and you won’t get any discounts if you never ask, so go ahead!

Avoid Time Crunches

One of the easier ways to avoid excess costs in translation is to give the language service provider a healthy amount of time to complete the assignment. Rush projects with tight deadlines will usually come at a premium, so planning ahead and allowing time for delivery is vital in decreasing cost. Allowing for a longer timeline will often increase the quality of the translation as well, as there will be ample time to complete and review the assignment.

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