Preparing for Language Tests and Assessments at DLS

What resources does DLS have available for testing and assessments? Well, over the past weeks, Diplomatic Language Services has hosted various training webinars centered around this integral part of language training. Preparing for language tests and assessments is an important undertaking. Our language community of students and instructors utilized the following resources to enhance their preparation for assessments.

Student Webinar: Measuring Student Progress in Language Learning

Learning a language is a journey and takes time. As with any long-term undertaking, it’s often difficult to notice progress. Especially, when you’re trying to tell whether you’ve hit a plateau or are in fact moving steadily forward. On Wednesday, April 21st, DLS Project Manager, Jessica Davis, presented a Student Webinar on Measuring Student Progress in Language. Davis dove into how to measure progress in language learning. Also, she covered how to set realistic goals and specific markers to look for at each proficiency level. Watch the webinar recording below!

Instructor Training: How to be a Good Mock Tester

Proficiency tests are important for students, as scores can make a big difference in students’ careers and futures. Mock testing is a crucial step in preparing students for tests like the OPI and other proficiency tests. However, being a good mock tester involves special skills: knowing how to ask questions, how to get a quiet student to talk, and how to develop a topic that the student introduces during a conversation. A mock tester should also know how to check for specific language functions and how to be an effective listener. On Wednesday, April 28th, DLS Language Training Supervisor, Simona Westlund, hosted an Instructor Training on How to be a Good Mock Tester. DLS Instructors can view this webinar on the DLS LMS!

App of the Month: DLS Formative Assessments

Lia Kauffman, DLS Language Training Coordinator, led April’s App of the Month webinar covering a tour of the DLS Formative Assessment modules that can be found in the LMS. Attendees learned how to use these assignments in their classes for task-based speaking practice and homework. The DLS team has collectively shared their expertise, synthesized ideas and experiences, thus creating new training materials for instructors. Watch this webinar on the DLS LMS!

The attendance and enthusiasm shown at each of these events showcased DLS’s instructors and students’ commitment to lifelong learning, high-quality training, and instructional excellence. Next time, we hope you can join us!

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