App of the Month: GLOSS

App of the Month: GLOSS

Our current App of the Month is the Global Language Online Support System, or GLOSS, a service of the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center (DLIFLC). For many DLS learners, GLOSS may already be a familiar tool. This excellent and free resource can be found online at

Studying for the Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT)? Wanting to focus on a specific topic area? GLOSS is for you! Learners can study the exact material they want, on their own terms. GLOSS focuses on content targeting listening and reading skills. Filter modules by proficiency level, modality (listening or reading), competence, and topic category. Then, each module will contain a key text (audio or written) from an authentic target language source. Six exercises accompany each text, requiring learners to summarize, match, predict, answer questions, and more. Further, the system provides feedback to extend your understanding of the text with each response. They have curated materials in 41 languages, at various levels, for reading and listening practice. Moreover, they provide topics one might need to study for the DLPT, such as culture, economics, politics, and more.

This resource is not for the beginner language learner. However, it’s a must-use resource for ILR levels 1-4. These levels can access relevant, carefully curated target language materials that are manageable activities. Strengthen your ability to get through an unfamiliar text while receiving insights into cultural context and managing your own learning. So, get started with GLOSS today at

Check it out below!



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