DLS AFPAK Students Visit Afghan Embassy

DLS AFPAK Hands students visit Washington, D.C.'s Afghan embassy     

On April 4th, 2013, DLS organized its first cultural tour for current students in our AFPAK Hands program! Students visited the Afghan Embassy in Washington, D.C. During this trip, students had the opportunity to learn about the embassy’s history and the breakdown of departments and their functions.

They also met the Afghan Embassy DCM, Mr. Hakim Atarud, Deputy Consular Mrs. Ghazal Hasan, Cultural Attaché Mr. Ahmad Haidari, and honorable administration personnel. The Afghan embassy presented a wonderful presentation on Afghanistan and the progress made by the United States support in the past decades.

Mr. Atarud briefed our students on the projects that the embassy is working on in collaboration with the United States government.  He also talked about various department’s job descriptions within the embassy and explained their responsibilities. Afghan Embassy Cultural Attaché, Mr. Haidari, talked about cultural projects and his department role. DLS AFPAK Hands students took active participation and asked questions. Also, students got to talk about their experience in Afghanistan in the target languages, Dari and Pashto, which was well received by Embassy officials.

Finally, the Afghan Embassy served Afghan Chai (tea), cookies, and dry fruits as part of welcoming the APH students. This trip was certainly a success.

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