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App of the Month: Anki

Vocabulary and grammar acquisition never stop in language learning. With Anki, you can study smarter, not harder. Anki is a highly effective tool for adult learners studying foreign languages due to several key features that cater to efficient and personalized learning.

Spaced Repetition Algorithm:

Anki utilizes a spaced repetition algorithm that optimizes the timing of reviewing flashcards. It shows you cards at increasing intervals based on your previous performance, ensuring you review them before you’re likely to forget. This helps in long-term retention, making it especially beneficial for language learning where consistent practice is crucial.

As you are reviewing flashcards, you can mark them “Hard,” “Good,” “Easy,” or “Again,” which tailors the algorithm to your specific learning process.

Customizable Flashcards

Users can create flashcards, allowing for customization based on individual learning needs. Learners can categorize their flashcards by adding one or more “tags” to each item. For example, organizing flashcards by “noun,” “verb,” “grammar structure,” etc. can create a set of flashcards within the main deck, that can be studied as a subgroup or part of the whole deck. This flexibility enables learners to focus on specific vocabulary or grammar rules most relevant to their current goals.

Multimedia Elements

Anki supports multimedia elements, allowing users to include images, audio, and even video in their flashcards. This is particularly beneficial for language learners as it helps associate words or phrases with their correct pronunciation, aiding in both vocabulary and listening comprehension. Simply click the paperclip icon to add a multimedia element.


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Stay Organized with the “Browse” Feature

The “Browse” feature opens up back-end organization options to further categorize your learning. Sort by timing of when you added the cards, tag (category), how well you have learned the cards, and more.


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Multi-Device Accessibility

Anki is available on multiple platforms, including desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets. Your account can sync across devices. This allows adult learners to integrate language study into their daily routines, whether during a commute, waiting in line, or at a dedicated review session. This promotes consistent and convenient practice.

At the time of this blog post, AnkiWeb (the desktop version) and AnkiDroid (for Android) are free. AnkiMobile (for Apple devices) is a paid app.

Go to to start your journey.

To get a basic overview of how to set up and use Anki, watch this quick overview:


For a more in-depth review with tips on how to maximize Anki for your language study, watch this video:

You can also take advantage of the online manual that helps you figure out how to use Anki to all its potential.

By Lia Sauder + ChatGPT

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