App of the Month: WordWall

Wordwall is a fun way to increase engagement in the language classroom. Choose from nearly 20 templates to quiz students on vocabulary, grammar, or conceptual knowledge. The simple back-end interface makes creating activities a breeze, and gives the option to add a photo. Wordwall can handle many different languages, making it an excellent tool for DLS instructors to use with students!

Wordwall image 1

How should I use Wordwall to teach languages?

Any teacher with a little creativity will be able to find a host of ways to utilize Wordwall to teach their target language. Here are some ideas to consider.

  1. Practice Word Order in the Target Language
  2. Review Vocabulary from a Specific Topic or Chapter
  3. Generate Engaging Warm-Up Activities to Get Things Going
  4. Assess Students’ Understanding of a Text Using Comprehension Checks

For each activity, the creator will be able to share the task through a link or a QR code. This makes it practical for students to easily participate in completing the assignment directly from their phones.

How can I include AI in this?

We recommend using AI to generate vocabulary lists with definitions, sets of multiple choice questions on a particular topic, jumbled-up sentences to practice grammar, etc. Pasting AI-generated content into the back end of Wordwall templates makes creating an activity that much easier.

How do I get started?

It is easy to create activities on Wordwall. Start by signing up for a free account at https://wordwall.net/account/basicsignup

Premium accounts can be purchased on the Wordwall website to create an unlimited number of resources.

You can even change Wordwall’s site language to make creating activities even easier.

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Wordwall pairs well with Quizlet. Copy and paste your Quizlet words into an activity template in Wordwall for a fresh, interactive way of engaging with the material.

By Lia Sauder
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