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What is a Mobile Training Team (MTT)?

A Mobile Training Team is a single instructor or team of instructors teaching a foreign language to military personnel on a base.

What does an MTT Instructor do?

Instructors teach familiarization, beginning, intermediate, or advanced level courses (0 to 2+) to DOD personnel at their home base. Most assignments include teaching a cultural component as well. Class sizes are typically 1-7 students. Classes are tailored to mission objectives, including testing (OPI, DLPT), mission-specific communication skills, and cultural orientation. Instructors use various teaching tools in the classroom, including DLIFLC material, authentic listening and reading materials, listening and speaking activities, and internet resources. Instructors must also be proficient in English to explain difficult concepts and answer students’ questions.

What’s the Process to Becoming an MTT Instructor?

Candidates send their resumes to and note in the subject that they want to be considered for MTTs. The most competitive candidates are those with previous MTT experience or experience teaching a language to military personnel. MTT assignments are contracted on short notice. We contact our most experienced and skilled candidates and submit a proposal within a few days of our client’s notification of a need. The MTT is usually scheduled to start 2-4 weeks after the proposal deadline. DLS receives notification if our candidate is selected anywhere from 3 to 14 days before the candidate flies out. After the MTT, the instructor asks students for feedback or letters of recommendation and turns them into DLS. If these forms are positive, the instructor’s chances of being selected again for the next contract increase.

Why DLS?

DLS enjoys a strong reputation for sending high-caliber MTT instructors and meeting or exceeding language learning goals. We consistently receive positive feedback from students and site managers on the quality of the teaching and the ability of instructors to deliver lesson materials and accomplish mission goals. MTTs are supported by a robust and efficient administration, which allows instructors to focus fully on their students and mission objectives.

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