Spring Tips from the DLS Wellness Program

Spring is the perfect time to share tips from our DLS Wellness Program.

For many of us, the first sign of the cherry blossoms is a welcome sign that spring weather is coming. Warmer temperatures, longer days, and summer break for those with kids. The possibilities are seemingly endless as vacations loom and we dust off the outdoor equipment. But, just like our closets invariably need a healthy dose of spring cleaning, many of us feel the need for a mind and body reboot, as well. Whether you’re hoping to look your best in that bikini this year, or you’re feeling like you lost your fitness over the cold, dark winter, here are some tips for giving your mind, body, and soul that spring cleaning you need to have your best spring yet:

Get that first foot out the door!

Taking the first step, both literally and figuratively, is often the hardest part about shaking up any routine. So don’t think about it – to borrow from Nike, just do it! Feel like you need to get back in shape? Start with a walk around the block. Chances are, once you get going, you’ll want to keep going.

Try something new!

If you didn’t keep up your fitness routine over the winter months, there’s probably a good reason why that happened. Are you bored with it? Do you genuinely not enjoy whatever you were doing? Try a new class, a new sport, a new fitness DVD. Groupon often has great deals on gym memberships or classes, and, if you take advantage of the DLS- Golds Gym deal, check out their class schedules!

Take stock of your New Year’s resolutions.

Now is a good time for a reality check on what you’ve been able to accomplish and what has fallen by the wayside. If you’re not happy with your progress, alter your resolutions to more realistically reflect what you have time to accomplish. You are beholden to nobody but yourself with those resolutions, and setting realistic goals will help you reach them faster. And everyone likes to check off a “to do”!

Farm those markets!

Spring is when most farmers’ markets in the DC area get swinging again. Though some markets tend toward the pricey end of the spectrum, you can find deals on fresh, locally-grown (and often pesticide-minimum or -free) produce. Plus you’re supporting small businesses. Everybody wins.

Go farm to table!

No, not that new, overpriced farm-to-table restaurant everyone you know has been raving about. Go farm to YOUR table. There are far too many good recipe websites to list, but you can even just google “What can I make with ingredients x, y, and z” and recipes will pop up! Allrecipes.com, foodnetwork.com, and delish.com are a few springboards for finding new, fresh recipes that don’t have to break the bank or the waistband of your favorite swimsuit.

Get outta town!

Yes, take a day trip, a weekend trip, or a longer vacation. Just a simple change in scenery, away from your usual stresses and obligations, can do wonders for your psyche and mental health. The DC area is rife with great options for day trips – Harper’s Ferry, Annapolis, the Shenandoahs, Lake Anna, Deep Creek Lake, Chincoteague, the Eastern Shore…the list goes on and on. Again, a short trip away doesn’t have to break the bank or use up your PTO, but taking those breaks is important for your health. DLS (or your employer) benefits, too – a happier, healthier employee is a more productive employee!

By Kate Marden

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