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AI Chatbots for Language Practice

Today, we are highlighting two artificial intelligence apps that are great for speaking practice. More and more apps are coming out for language learning, so it’s important to check periodically to see what’s new. These are two interesting ones that are similar to one another and can be a great way for students to gain more speaking confidence and improve listening abilities outside of the classroom.

TalkPal AI and Gliglish AI

Both TalkPal AI and Gliglish AI are chatbots, created to help language learners advance their speaking and listening skills. These tools are free to set up, though there are limits to how many minutes you can use them per day. Paid subscriptions are available for anyone ready to use them more often. What can you do with these tools?

  • Chat back and forth with an AI tutor.
  • Use personalized suggestions to jumpstart your conversations.
  • Get feedback on your speaking.
  • Learn from your mistakes by reading explanations and corrected sentences.
  • Practice test-related topics.
  • Get used to the pacing of a real conversation flowing back and forth without the pressure of someone waiting nearby.
  • Think about what you are going to say without anyone becoming impatient.
  • Adjust how fast the chatbot is speaking.
  • Participate in role-play conversations about real-life situations.
  • Switch between target languages, as needed, to practice multiple languages.

TalkPal AI currently offers 57 languages. Gliglish offers 38 languages as of this writing, with 2 more coming soon. Gliglish saves your AI conversations, letting you refer back to them or even resume talking. TalkPal AI does not save conversations, but it provides additional modes of interacting with the chatbot. With both tools, you can try out role plays or regular chatting with their AI chatbots. See which one works best for you!

How Instructors Can Use These Tools
  • Equip students with conversation suggestions based on their level.
    • Help students brainstorm topics they want to discuss.
  • Suggest test-related topics for students to practice.
  • Highlight any particular speaking areas the student needs to improve.
  • Practice vocabulary for a certain topic in class, before assigning a conversation on that topic with an AI tutor for homework.
  • Discuss students’ recent AI conversations as a warmup in class, to help them review vocabulary about the topic.
How Students Can Use These Tools
  • Commit to a regular rhythm of speaking/listening practice using AI.
  • Practice topics from class to review recently studied items.
  • Suggest a test-related topic to the chatbot so you can practice responding.
  • Review the corrections suggested by AI.
  • Use grammar and words the AI tutor says in your response, to practice their proper usage.
  • Ask questions about the target region.
  • Request clarification on grammar points and vocabulary usage for your target language.

Check the websites every once in a while for updates to the languages offered. Try TalkPalAI and Gliglish to enhance your speaking and listening skills today!

Learn more about TalkPal AI:

Learn more about Gliglish:

By Lia Sauder, Language Project Specialist
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