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  • Based on the video by Paolo Torrigiani, Italian Interpreter for the European Commission Paolo compares self-training for interpretation to the type of training athletes do to improve their skills. Athletes who train on their own… Read More

  • It’s a common experience to hear a language you don’t know and think the people speaking it are talking very quickly. This is often related to the fact that all those sounds are unfamiliar to you. This experience is… Read More

  • Dudley Hagen currently works at DLS as a Language Training Supervisor but one of his favorite previous jobs was working as a full-time translator. He shares some of his experience with us in the following interview. 1) How… Read More

  •  - French Translator, Dominique Ostrowski I have been a freelance translator for over 20 years and I was told when I started that it was standard to last 5 years due to the intensity of the job and the volatile nature of… Read More

  • The Radiolab team produced a podcast all about "Translation." They referenced its many definitions but one of their stories was particularly applicable for DLS. (You can listen to it here.)   They talked with Gregory… Read More


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