Asynchronous Language Learning

About DLS Asynchronous Language Learning

Our program is tailored for students who need flexibility and accountability in their language goals. It includes personalized instruction, feedback, and topic-related modules with content curated from authentic media.

Maintaining your language skills doesn’t have to mean rearranging your schedule.

DLS' asynchronous offering provides accountability for language maintenance, including:

  • Flexible timing to accommodate anyone’s schedule.
  • Ongoing learning management system with topic-based, curated class materials.
  • Student-centered, student-paced assignments
  • Written and verbal feedback from an instructor.
  • Video classes with an instructor.
  • Test preparation for DLPT, OPI, etc.
  • Learners who want flexibility and accountability
  • Learners who desire instructor feedback without a schedule commitment
  • Learners preparing for the DLPT
  • Learn or refresh target language with structured online activities at one’s own convenient timing
  • Leveled, asynchronous, topic-based online modules to acquire, maintain, refresh or enhance language skills
  • Authentic resources curated by an instructor based on student needs
  • Personalized feedback
  • Adhere to course deadlines but complete at one’s convenience
  • Online through DLS’s learning management system
  • Receive accountability and tailored feedback while progressing toward language goals



Raluca Angelescu

Vice President

Raluca Angelescu is the Executive Vice President. She has been with us since the company was acquired in 2006. Her focus is overseeing new business development through the capture, bid, and post-bid phases of the process. Part of that is integrating new lines of business into operations. Her successes include assimilating curriculum development and OCONUS linguist deployment. Raluca earned her MBA from the University of Maryland.