Business Development

For a quarter of a century DLS has been the vendor of choice for a number of government agencies. Our clients range from the Department of State to the U.S. Census Bureau, and we are proud to say that most have opted to remain with DLS well past our initial collaboration. More recently, DLS has become a trusted brand in the commercial sector, with clients ranging from Bloomberg TV to GMAC. Check out our full client list here.

DLS retains existing business and attracts new clients for several reasons.

  • We work with you to identify your needs and the most efficient way to reach them.
  • We customize our proposed portfolio of solutions, including cost-efficient technologies, per your schedule and budget.
  • We select carefully-vetted native speakers and cultural experts for your project. 
  • Our management specialists monitor every service provided and measure results, stepping in when course correction is needed.

Here are what our clients are saying about DLS.

DLS Small Business Outreach

DLS frequently partners with small businesses for federal programs. If you possess unique niche expertise or a track record of superior performance, DLS wants to hear from you. Partnered with our expertise and extensive past performance, your insight and skills can increase the quality of services for federal clients. In addition to subcontracting assignments, you will receive mentoring from DLS leadership and management. For more information, please send a capabilities statement to


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