DLS Adopts-A-Road

If you are driving on VA Route 50, between Fort Myer Pershing Gate and the Foreign Service Institute, you may notice that there is a little less trash on the side of the road these days. This is because DLS adopted that 2.1 mile stretch of road, and we held our first Adopt-a-Road clean up day on April 20th.

Clad in “OSHA Orange” T-shirts, road-crew vests, gloves, and stout shoes, 8 brave souls met at DLS – Arlington. Fortified with doughnuts, they headed off into the wilds of Route 50 to do their worst against those who would despoil our highways and by-ways.

90 minutes later, there were 13 large, orange PVC bags of Virginia’s (and possibly Maryland’s) finest trash – liquor bottles, fast food boxes, Red Bull cans, car parts, cigarette packets, assorted papers and all the discarded paraphernalia of modern life – sitting neatly at the side of the road, waiting for the glorious Virginia Department of Transportation to whisk them away to a suitable place of disposal.

This day gentled our condition; and folk in Arlington now-a-bed should think themselves accurs'd they were not here, and hold their person cheap whiles any speaks that picked with us upon Adopt-a-Road day.