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  • Language courses, with instructors and a set curriculum, are something that most language learners are familiar with. But continuing to engage with the language outside of or after a class can be a difficult task for students.… Read More

  • As a company who cares for the community and is aware of the litter accumulating on the highways, DLS is involved in our local Adopt-A-Highway program. Starting back in 2013, when DLS first adopted a 2-mile stretch of Route 55,… Read More

  • An important part of distance education is the establishment of presence. Presence usually means being in a particular space. So, what does it mean to talk about presence when your class exists in a virtual space? In fact,… Read More

  • It’s a common experience to hear a language you don’t know and think the people speaking it are talking very quickly. This is often related to the fact that all those sounds are unfamiliar to you. This experience is… Read More

  • Persian poetry in Afghanistan, Iran, and other Central Asian countries is not only an art, but it is way of life, belief, and worship.  Poetry is deeply associated with the culture. Prominent Persian poets such as Rumi,… Read More


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